Bury Your Secrets

One Saturday afternoon, three friends head north for a long weekend. On Monday, they will return home, having buried a body in the woods.

For Hazel, reeling from the discovery of her long-term partner’s infidelity, a getaway to a remote coastal village with her best friends, Mickie and Claire, seems like the ideal remedy. And when a local man, Aidan, takes a shine to her, Hazel wonders if she’s ready to move on.

Within hours, however, Aidan is dead, leaving Hazel and her friends with a dreadful choice: to come clean or mount a cover-up. Determined to protect Hazel at all costs, the friends forge a desperate pact.

But secrets have a habit of catching up with you – and of testing the bonds of friendship to their limits. And Hazel is about to find out that, no matter how much she might wish otherwise, you can’t bury the truth forever.

A gripping standalone psychological thriller from the McIlvanney Prize-nominated author of the Anna Scavolini mysteries, Bury Your Secrets is perfect for fans of Ruth Ware’s The Lying Game, Andrea Bartz’s We Were Never Here and Luca Veste’s The Six.

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Get a sneak peek at Bury Your Secrets by reading the prologue and first chapter.


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